I held the book launch for Russian Snows last night at Cedarville United Methodist Church's weekly Cedarville Nights dinner.  People came for a great dinner and also got to see a book launch and have some cake.
The best part was being able to autograph copies of Russian Snows for people who bought a copy.

Check out my "Made it Moment" on Jenny Milchman's blog: Suspense Your Disbelief.  This is my story about the writing of Russian Snows.
The book I began on November 1 of last year is now officially released.  Today is the 199th anniversary of Napoleon's departure from Moscow in 1812 to begin the march for winter quarters (retreat).  
Take a look at the beginning of the book and buy a copy if you like what you read.  Thank you!
I now have a box of freshly printed copies.  Less than a year from start to finished product.  I'm very happy with the way it has all turned out and thank everyone who played a part in getting this story into book form.