With two chapters to go, I've cut 28,000 words out of the manuscript.  This will put the total word count around 85,000.  Still too long for a Middle School/Young Adult novel.
Leaning toward making two books: one before the campaign and one during the campaign.  The tricky part will be how to handle the story lines that cross over.
I am working on cutting the story by 30,000 words.  When the first draft was completed in late January, the total word count was over 116,000 words including notes and glossary.  The general concensus is that this is too long for my target audience of 12 - 16 year-olds (although perhaps not long enough for history buffs).
My goal is to cut 30,000 words from the manuscript to move the story along faster.  As of today, I have trimmed out over 18,000 words.  Once I have finished my editing, I'll turn it over to others to edit and read to make sure the story still hangs together.
This is my third editing pass through the story and I can feel it getting better each